Ivy Road | Chippenham

Project Description

A semi-detached property in the town centre of Chippenham, this project provided us with some real design challenges, the most relevant of which being space and the narrow nature of the site. The client wanted a simple single storey rear extension, but the width of the existing rear extension was very narrow to allow space at the side of the property for bins, storage and drainage. The client also loved the view they had from their existing dining room, which was in the existing main building and therefore looked past the existing rear extension and down the garden.

The narrow nature of the site, coupled with the requirement to retain the external side space as well as the views down the garden was challenging. After creating a few sketch ideas, we decided that the best option was for an extension that not only extended to the rear, but slightly to the side as well. This enabled the client to retain their external side space as well as increase space internally to create an open plan kitchen / living / dining. The end of the extension is glazed with oversized, full height sliding doors, and a glazed panel added to the opposite side facing the existing building, allowing views through the new extension and therefore retaining the garden view from the house. Red brick continued the visual appearance of the property and features such as Bath stone lintels were also copied through.

Inclusion of a 3D model helped the client to see the view that would be retained through the extension as well as being able to make decisions on the height of the sliding doors and how wide the extension could be based on its height in relation to the neighbouring property.





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